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Cardiac Web Imaging Network
( cardiac WIN )

Filiming the conference side

Cardiac Web Imaging Network provides web imaging conferences by sharing Dr Harrison's Vial Images Multimodality desktop through a secure web service. This conference is by email invitation. Cases are selected from the week's work at the Joint Memorial Hospital / USF Cardiology Imaging Program . Correlative cases of cardiac CT , PET/CT, Echo, TEE, 3D echo, Cardiac MR and caths are presented with a focus on patientcentric non-invasive testing.

This conference is presented on Fridays at 8 am EST for the USF Cardiac Fellows, Cardiologists and Radiologists at Citrus Memorial Hosptal , and interested cardiologists in Boston and St.Petersburg.

Conferences can be scheduled with Iasis Hospitals in multiple time zones by special arrangement.

If you are interested in this conference please contact us.