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Freestanding AED Neighborhood-EMS Response System

This freestanding unit has been developed by Dr. Eric Harrison, Code Blue, and Premier Medical Systems. Two medical students Mark Guitiari and Greg Hartlage have been involved in the deployment of the first prototype in Tampa, Florida.

Freestanding AED Neighborhood-EMS Response System

The concept is to deploy the freestanding unit in a high density neighborhood near a church or school. Neighbors will be trained responders to use the defibrillator. If someone in the designated neighborhood has a cardiac arrest, (most cardiac arrests happen at home) the first responder will call 911 and start CPR. The EMS dispatcher will summon the nearest fire rescue truck and call the AED unit by telephone. The incoming call will 1. Activate the unit alarm which will broadcast "EMERGENCY DEFIBRILLATION, PLEASE RESPOND!! 2. Activate the strobe light on top of the unit 3. Activate the unlocking mechanism for the AED access door to open. The nearest trained responder will remove the unit and receive instructions as to where to go from the dispatcher speaking through the unit speakerphone and proceed to that location with the AED. After the prototype is tested the criteria for deployment may be broadened to chest pain and shortness of breath to allow preemptive deployment. The unit will be monitored by an alarm monitoring company to insure functionality of all components.

The beauty of this neighborhood unit is that it is always available and working and is fully integrated into the emergency medical system.

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